Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not so live from Wicker Park - Dispatches from RAGAD's Intersections reading, including the latest Lucky Man, Inc. YouTube video

We are not so live, we're not even all that rested, but we are very excited to report back to all of you on the most excellent RAGAD's Intersections reading last night at Quimby's. And so, in no particular order:

(1) Our host and RAGAD guru Nick Ostdick brought the awesome as he is want to do; we had a chance to debut a nonfiction piece "You Throw Your Life in My Face," which is going to run in RAGAD some time down the road; and we were joined by a great cast of readers including CT Ballentine, Pete Coco, and Scott Stealey. If you are so inclined you can also check out Nick's take on the event at his blog "In The Nick Of Time."

(2) We finally got to meet Jason and Dan of "what to wear during an orange alert?" fame. How cool are they, way cool. Please visit them.

(3) Elizabeth Crane was spotted in the back of the crowd, checking out the events, and our hearts swooned at the mere sight of her. Does "swooned" sound like the right descriptive? It seems very Jane Austen to us, then again Jane Austen is hot these days, so there you go.

(4) We have shot the latest Lucky Man video and first infomercial: Lucky Man - The Man on the Street Testimonials, which stars the Lucky Man players (Nick, Jason, and Sam) and can be seen at YouTube. Please take a look.

(5) And last, but not least, we have also shot our very first Lucky Man rap video. It is currently in post-production, and we think it will bring you all kinds of joy. Stay tuned, it will no doubt change your life.

All in all, not a bad night, huh? No, not at all, so many thanks Nick, you rock.

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