Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lucky Man wants to thanks Britney Spears.

We at Lucky Man, Inc. were starting to feel somewhat bad about our inability to (1) halt the Lucky Man free fall happening at Amazon - 930,000 and dropping at the moment, though still top twenty-five percent, we know, and (2) attract even one person to bid on our one of a kind signed copy of Lucky Man on ebay. But then we saw Britney Spears tired, emotion-free, and nearly catatonic performance at the VMAs tonight and we suddenly felt so much better about ourselves. We recognize what a cheap shot this is, and that we should be above mocking her, but we're not, so thank you Britney. And rock-on.


Elizabeth Crane said...

I watched this online this am. I'm not one to hate on Britney - I feel quite maternal toward Britney, actually - but I'm pretty sure that I could have performed - dancing and actual singing performed - this song better Britney did, and that the audience might have enjoyed it more. Personally though I would maybe have worn pants. But that's just me.

Pete said...

And to think that some people consider indulging in schadenfreude to be a bad thing. Actually, it's quite therapeutic.

Somehow I get the feeling that Britney and Lindsey Lohan have a wager going to see whose public behavior and career prospects hits the lowest of rock-bottom.