Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lucky Man swoons, Winter Beard soars.

Yo, facts are facts. We cannot run from them and we won't. That's just not how we roll here at Lucky Man, Inc. So, fact is, Lucky Man's Amazon ranking has plummeted to 879,000, not that we should be surprised, since you can now buy a copy for $2.14. Yes, $2.14, for real. Further, we have received exactly zero bids on ebay, and no book or development deals. Dawn Meehan we are not.

Still, all is not lost, far from it, because we have also had the chance to read Winter Beard by Cathy Hannah, one of our fellow performers at Mortified - and no we will not comment on the fact that we have not received an invitation to read at the year-end blow-out Mortifed wrap-up shows later this month, though apparently we did not kill after all.

But we digress. Winter Beard is a kick-ass comic/graphic novel dedicated to an unspoken love that can only be expressed epilogue style in comic form itself. We love the packaging and the cover, all professional and slick, the artwork which is just perfect, and the totally spot on dialogue too.

What more can we say, we really want you to read Winter Beard, and while Cathy doesn't seem to have a website, you can buy Winter Beard at Short Pants Press or if so inclined check out a more formal review at PLAYBACK:stl.

Finally, after you do any or all of this you can write Cathy and tell her how much she rocks at You won't regret it, and it might even change your life. It did ours, Amazon, ebay, and Mortified be damned.

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