Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lucky Man random musings.

Some random musings on a late, hot, Thursday afternoon:

(1) The venerable blogger Amy Dietze has chastised us at Lucky Man, Inc. for (a) the dearth of new blog entries since this past Sunday and (b) not linking to her blog when we last idealized her here at "This Blog Will Change Your Life" - we are happy to report that both of these concerns have been rectified.

(2) I had lunch yesterday with Pete Anderson of PeteLit fame. We got to talk writing, children, our need to actually make money, and how we do our best to make it all work. It was great, totally invigorating, and I definitely do not get to do enough of that. So thank you Pete for making the time. That said, it may be that you don't believe my version of what was covered at this lunch. You may not even believe that we had lunch. And that's cool, so if you're inclined you can check out Pete's August 9th blog entry on this subject as well. This will also allow you to learn more about Pete's friend and author Richard Grayson. Either way, Pete is a very cool dude and so I am encouraging you to check out his blog and his writing regardless. I'm fairly confident it will change your life.

(3) I am happy to report that I recently reconnected with my childhood soccer coach, David Clutz who was an awesome coach and all-around wonderful guy. It turns out that he is civil war buff who has written a novel called War and Redemption under the pen name David Cleutz. How cool is that? Very. Now please go buy his book. Thanks.

(4) You can now buy Lucky Man for as little as $3.95 on Amazon. Yikes. Though it is kind of cool really in its own twisted way. I mean how low can it go? And how will this drop in price affect our bottom line at Lucky Man, Inc.? We have a very large team here, from our in-house masseuse to the kid who waves palm fronds over us on hot days. There are the fleet of company cars and the warehouse we just bought to house the corporate offices. Plus, we have to continue paying our spokesperson Ben Tanzer's outrageous salary, and how we can do that if the Lucky Man profits don't keep rolling-in? It's kind of scary, we love him. A lot. Maybe we need to look at diversifying. Lucky Man ringtones anyone?


Pete said...

Thanks, Ben, but I'm not even sure my writing changes my own life, let alone anybody else's.

Dave Cleutz said...

Ben - you're too generous with your praise, but thanks.
Folks, Ben was a cool kid, on and off the soccer field - along with a cannon for a leg and an eye for the goal, he had a quick turn of phrase, for a 13 year old (or was it 12?) - referring to our team's goalkeeper as "your goaliness".
Blog dogs, read Lucky Man - see if you don't agree with me that it deserves to be the next Oprah Selection!