Sunday, August 5, 2007

All the things a good rock n' roll novel should be - A Lucky Man book review.

We already loved Nick Ostdick here at Lucky Man, Inc., and now we love him more. Nick has written a Lucky Man book review for 63 Channels and we are most appreciative. For those counting at home this would be the third actual Lucky Man review. But whose counting. Please take a look and if you like check out the first paragraph below. Thanks Nick.

Lucky Man Proves Just That

By Nick Ostdick

You could say that Ben Tanzer is one lucky man. After ten years of writing for various publications, some fictive and some non, including the imitable and now defunct Punk Planet and Clamor, Ben Tanzer’s debut novel Lucky Man was finally published this year by Manx Media. Just shy of 40, Tanzer hits all the right chords with this coming-of-age story like he’s managed to relive these years of his life and write about them with a fresh eye. With moments of utter hilarity and pain, it’s a sparkling coming-of-age novel that, just like it’s characters, seems to be yearning for something more.


Pete said...

Pretty nice review - it was good to see Nick point out some flaws that he saw, instead of just giving a non-critical, fawning assessment. That makes his overall praise for the book that much more meaningful.

Jason Jordan said...

Good book. Good review. :)