Friday, July 6, 2007

One of the more refreshing voices in Chicago - The What to Wear During an Orange Alert? Lucky Man Interview

So, Jason Behrends is our new best friend at Lucky Man, Inc. He has posted an interview with me today at What to Wear During an Orange Alert? where he is co-contributor/rock star. This is much appreciated and we hope you will take a look as we riff on the Chicago literary scene, coffee, and the music we love. You can also take a look at the first paragraph below, though if you prefer to be surprised just go directly to the link above. Either way, enjoy.

"It could be said, especially when Nick Ostdick was 18 when he published his first novel and Tao Lin was only 23, that Chicago writer Ben Tanzer is a literary late bloomer, or jumped in late in the game. It wasn't until Ben approached the his thirties that he decided to pursue writing, but since that moment he has becoming one of the more refreshing voices in Chicago. Besides, I contend that the you don't jump into the game of writing or bloom into a writer, but the writing comes to you. Whether you are 18 or 80, if you are meant to write you will. What seperates writers like Ben from others is his dedication and his unique ability to allow his sharp sense of humor to shine through even the darkest moments of his prose.

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Jason said...

Thanks Ben, I always wanted to be a rock star!