Friday, June 29, 2007

Lucky Man goes live. Again. And again. And likes it.

In our ongoing effort to keep the dream here alive at Lucky Man, Inc. we are happy to report to you that we have taken to the stage not once, but twice this week. How did we do, not sure, did we enjoy ourselves, yes, most definitely.

Now, for a recap. Wednesday night found us on stage at The Green Mill for Mortified!!! where we were revisiting and regurgitating the most freakish, humiliating, and dark thoughts we could dredge-up from our high school creative writing journal. It was most fun, The Green Mill was packed, the readers were all great, and the audience was totally into it.

We covered rehab, Mexican latrine digging, boys named Liam and Casey, Anne Frank, and fire, much fire, and heat. If you haven't seen Mortified!!! do so, it will change your life, and if you're thinking about maybe applying, definitely do so, because it will certainly change your life.

Thursday night found us at the Fixx coffee shop for the inaugural Fixx Reading Series. It was hosted by the lanky and lovely Amy Guth, author of Three Fallen Women, and we were joined by the legendary and kind of hairy Eric Spitznagel, author many books including Fast Forward - confessions of a porn screenwriter, and the smashing and smoking performaress Megan Stielstra.

There was Madonna, Ron Jeremy, good coffee, my mom, and fun all-around. There was also Elizabeth Crane, the author of When The Messenger is Hot, among other things, in the audience no less, and while she didn't know this until Thursday night, I have had a huge crush on her ever since I saw her read at the Metro a few years ago. She still may not know that actually, I think I just said I was a fan. Anyway, I got to talk to her. I know I'm lame, but that's what schoolboy crushes will do to you.

Which really brings us back to Mortified!!! and so if I may, a big shout out to Annette Ferrara, Jenny Myers, and my kick-ass coach Shay DeGrandis for inviting me to participate, as well as my fellow performers who made me laugh so hard my chest still hurts - Merrie Greenfield, Sarah Maher, Brooke Allen, Ted Wright, Jessica Zierten, Cathy Hannah, and Steve Sacks. You all rock.

Finally, for some further commentary on The Fixx reading series, please check-out La Guth's June 30th blog entry at Big Mouth Indeed Strikes Again.