Thursday, July 12, 2007

No love for Lucky Man? Or is Lucky Man just a selfish loser?

I should explain. As you know dear reader "This Blog Will Change Your Life" is committed to two themes in particular - (1) celebrating all that is Lucky Man as narcissistically as possible in an effort to foment faux buzz where in fact buzz does not exist, and (2) celebrating all that is independent, be that the movies, music, zines, or media that we at Lucky Man, Inc. so love. Now, at times sadly these themes may clash, undercutting one another, and leaving us confused and conflicted. Today is one of those times.

That said, we at Lucky Man, Inc. always try to be honest in this forum, well, when we're not lieing, embroidering the truth, embellishing, or exaggerating the facts at hand, and so we have chosen to share something most embarassing about our behavior - we finally found the final issue of Punk Planet yesterday and while we are mourning its loss to the larger community, we did wonder if a review of Lucky Man had made its way into this final issue. We felt bad focusing on this, but it had been discussed as a possibility, e-mails were exchanged, and books were mailed.

Alas, there was no review, we were bummed, and now we feel like selfish losers because who are we to focus on ourselves at this time? We cannot answer that question, but we can try to strike a blow for good, even amongst all this bad. How so you ask? Well, there is a lesson to be mined from all this egocentrism and it is straightforward and clear - the fomentation of faux buzz is a tricky business and not for the faint of heart. With this in mind, we will soldier on, though our head will hang a little lower in the process.

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Christy said...

Gasp, how terribly horribly self-centered! I never have thoughts like that!