Friday, July 13, 2007

Lucky Man shout-outs - Welcome future blogging goddess Amy Dietze and hello again to Elizabeth Crane

We at Lucky Man, Inc. are thrilled to make a couple of quick shout outs to those we admire, wish to support, and nurture completely benign crushes on. First, the incomparable Amy Dietze has launched her new blog "Sleeveless Like This." While we do not know what that means, we are fairly sure Amy's blog will change your life as well, so please take a look and say hello. And second, we have been visited once again by none other then Ms. Elizabeth Crane who apparently does not mind us talking about her every so often. Given that, we are prepared to offer Ms. Crane the following deal - we will intermittently wax eloquently about her here, though not in a creepy way of course, if she will come around and visit once in awhile, something that makes us very happy. Cool?


Amy said...

Aww, so nice. Thanks, Ben.

Elizabeth Crane said...

I will visit even if you don't shout out!