Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lucky Man, Lulls, Loose Ends, and El-P

We at Lucky Man, Inc. knew May would be slow with no readings, panel discussions, or book groups scheduled. We didn't think it would be quite like this however, sales are stagnant and our Amazon ranking is hovering at 765,000. Further, we still have no significant book reviews to call our own. Yikes. We do not plan to get down about this however, in fact we plan to channel our malaise and use this time to hustle, hustle, hustle.

So, please note, that we have: placed a banner at which is totally worth checking out, especially since it will only be up through June 5th; scheduled an interview with the lovely Keidra Chaney next week for a piece in Chicagoist; set-up not one, but two book readings on July 21st back home in upstate New York, one at the Bookery 2 in Ithaca that afternoon, and one at the Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts gallery in Binghamton that night; signed-on to be a sponsor of the next issue of MF magazine in Portland; and arranged to appear at the Book Cellar here in Chicago - - on June 20th as part of local author night.

Further, our horoscope this week stressed the need to listen to healing songs. This is based on something to do with the Yanyuwa aborigines of northwestern Australia, who "believe that music literally has curative properties," something we have always believed ourselves. And so even as we hustle, we will turn to music, and what we are turning to this week is "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" by El-P - We're not sure what it's going to heal, we're not even sure what's going on as we listen to it, but it's crazy, and dark, not too hopeful from what we can tell, kind of loud, and just totally rocks. In other words, it is our kind of CD. Check it out, if it can change our lives, it might very well change your life as well.

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