Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lucky Man's Endless Loops

I came across the below comment on my recent appearance at Columbia College:

  1. April 2nd, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    So here’s a summary of the three bloggers who spoke to us last week.

    David Littlejohn, the Columbia grad, runs the blog He talks about advertising that he finds interesting. Which I don’t
    Barbara Iverson runs the, site. She talks about the media and current information technology and how it is changing current (and rapidly transforming) information business models. Lots and lots of other links. And then you can link to and there are hundreds and thousands of others that you can waste your entire day flicking around.
    Ben Tanzer ( is a writer with a web-site/blog that probably applies closest to what we’ve been looking at. As fiction writer’s anyway. And, in a little example of the concept of infinity as viewed through two opposed mirrors, Mr. Tanzer talks about the panel at Columbia and about the sites that I’m referring to here, so you could, enter into an endless loop were you read it here and click on his link and follow that to the other sites and then back here and so on and so on… Maybe that’s what he means when he says that this blog will change your life.
    From the above, very random examples, we can infer, quite inaccurately in a statistical sense, that blogspot is the place to go to set up your own new blog. Have at it.


After reading it, I realized that re-printing this comment allows me to (1) support Ric's interpretation of the vision driving "This Blog Will Change Your Life" - which is important because his interpretation is as valid as anyone's, including mine and (2) further fulfill my two initial and previously unidentified, though most obvious, goals for this blog:

(a) celebrating Lucky Man and my own rampant narcissism in the ongoing fashion that few platforms allow for quite like the internet and blogging, and

(b) championing potentially underexposed artists and writers, their work and blogs whether they want me to or not.

So, love me unconditionally, buy Lucky Man, repeatedly if needed - it makes a great gift, read "This Blog Will Change Your Life" religiously, and then check out Ric's new blog as well -

Go Ric and good luck.

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