Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Forward, Lucky Man Heads West, and March Madness

It's true that losing an hour makes springing forward for Daylight Savings my least favorite night of the year. It is also true that Lucky Man's Amazon ranking has dropped to 319,000 and that I can't possibly know anyone else who might want to buy it. And it is definitely true, that with Rob and Amber having been eliminated from Amazing Race All Stars the world just seems a little duller today. Still, my children slept until 8:00am this morning; we have confirmed another Lucky Man book reading, this one at the Press Club in Portland, OR on Tuesday, April 17th; the Knicks are somehow tied for the eighth play-off spot in the Eastern conference; and maybe best of all, SUNY Albany is returning to the show. That's two years in a row for those of you counting at home, and while I have always been conflicted about my feelings towards SUNYA and my time there as a student, I'm not today, today I am proud of our thirteenth seed and feeling very loyal - rock-on Great Danes, and look out Virginia, we're coming.

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