Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Honest and Often Hilarious - A Lucky Man Almost Book Review

So, Time Out Chicago listed the Lucky Man/40 Hour Man reading at Quimby's in the books section of the magazine and website today and in doing so described Lucky Man as "honest and often hilarious." Now that isn't exactly a book review, but that description does seem to imply (1) someone besides my family and friends has read it and (2) they didn't hate it. Sweet.


Christy said...

Hi There Ben,

Pre-ordered 'Lucky Man,' it arrived Monday, finished it this morning.

Loved it. That's all I can say right now; it's still a bit raw.

Christy Peterson, Richmond, VA
formerly Christy Rowe, Binghamton

Christy said...

I mean, my feelings are raw, i.e., not cooked/fully integrated yet. Not the book or anything!

I love how the book addresses the importance of parents being present in young people's lives, and how so often they are not because they are immersed in their own inner worlds. Your book shows how serious the impact of this can be.

And it is really funny. I loved the part where Sammy asks about picturing his grandmother naked, and Louie's reply. Don't want to give it away to other potential readers, but definitely hilarious.