Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blog this! Or one man's humble efforts to join Punk Planet's Blog Crusade.

Punk Planet has asked me to join their Blog crusade and I have accepted this most honorable of challenges. It can be lonely wandering the endless back alleys of the electronic wilderness, and so call me a pioneer if you must, even a visionary, but know that I will persevere, because I truly believe that despite Rosie O'Donnell's presence out here this blog thing will catch on. You can check out my interview with "Darkness Calls" creators Steve Sanderson and Sean Muir at and here is an excerpt to get you started:

"Darkness Calls has all the trappings of any iconic superhero comic book. The protagonist is the kid someone hurt, abandoned, or bullied, who ultimately finds the inner strength to overcome not just the bad guy, but his or her inner demons. The superhero who is in essence one-half of the protagonist’s tortured psyche is a ripped, sword-wielding, awesomely handsome warrior with long hair, a motorcycle, and bad-ass fighting skills; while the bad-guy is the other half, a creepy, demon-like presence with glowing eyes, flames for hair, a skeletal visage, and claws for feet. The climatic battle scene which occurs in an abandoned warehouse, is a wordless display of power where good ultimately triumphs over evil and we all live to fight another day.

So, you recognize the images, you love the stark, yet powerful, drawing, and you think you know the story. But you don’t, not really, because "Darkness Calls" takes all the iconic imagery you have absorbed over years reading Batman, watching the Spiderman movies, and soaking up anything and everything Alan Moore has created, and spins it through a new and different filter - the struggles associated with suicide and the storytelling tradition of Canada’s First Nation population (a group analogous to Native American’s in this country)."

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