Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode One Hundred and Sixteen - Don't Be An Asshole, starring the Jen Pastiloff.

We are so podcast. Quite Pastiloff. And so not assholes. We are also making shit happen, Wayne Dyer, Emily Rapp, manifestation, both The Manifest-Station, and otherwise, Lidia Yuknavitch, depression, beauty hunting, breaking the rules and much, much more. So do hit it, it just might change your life.


Unknown said...

What an honor this was!

Lynda Beth Unkeless said...

So wonderful that this conversation ended with Jennifer's big long laugh!

Enjoyed every minute of the detailed descriptions of the work she does and even how she does it!

Even though it is part MAGIC, and BIG MAGIC at that, Jen articulates so well what she is doing, and why she is doing it.

for asking good questions to elicit an extremely clear picture of the very multi-dimensional services
Jennifer is giving--with great love--to the world!