Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Equal doses of tenderness and brutal honesty." The New York Stories is Verbicide Magazine. And big thanks to the Gabino Iglesias for that.

Most lovely it is. All of it. Excerpt? Word.

"The beauty of Ben Tanzer’s short stories is that they contain all the great elements that make short fiction a pleasure to read: nice pacing, relatable and believable characters, solid dialogue, and a strange, ineffable quality that makes them linger in the heart and brain long after the last page has been turned. In The New York Stories, Tanzer takes his toolbox and uses everything in it to explore love, youth, growing up, pain, parenthood, and even the way natural catastrophes affect us. The result is a collection that beautifully displays a very talented author at the top of his game while exploring what it means to be human with equal doses of tenderness and brutal honesty."

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