Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wherein we are Orphans excerpt at the TNB and most endlessly appreciative for that.

Quite endlessly TNB we are. Now how about some excerpt of that excerpt? Cool.

"The guy then reaches into his breast pocket and I get ready for the inevitable gun or knife. Instead he pulls out a resume, which is folded, and creased, stiff with coffee and sweat. As he goes to unfold it, a black helicopter swoops in from above.
“We will need you to disperse please, immediately,” says the voice booming from the black helicopter, now so close I can feel the heat emanating from its belly.
“Fuck you,” the guy screams looking up at the helicopter that remains as impassive as ever, fuck you.”
Soon all the guys are screaming “fuck you” and jumping into the air as they futilely try to grab the helicopter and bring it down to the ground."

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