Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Lit have you Seen? Litseen talks Moon Palace Books, the Glorious, the Nerdy, the Orphans, and so much more.

And big thanks to Litseen and the Robert Martin for that yo. Excerpt? Word.

"This heading is the title given to the group reading at Moon Palace Books on Friday, November 8 2013. A strange shindig (three vastly different poets and a novelist, taking place at 4pm rather than the typical evening reading time), it did a better job of living up to the first three words of its name than the ending. Unless you think reading and writing is nerdy in general, which a lot of people do, so. For this audience member, at least, watching BL Pawelek, Carrie Lorig, Seth Berg, and Ben Tanzer read and perform came much closer to simple glory."

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