Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ostdick. THE2NDHAND. Word.

There is new Ostdick in THE2NDHAND. There is boy. A father. Ghosts. And pain. Check it out. It just might change your life. For reals.

"Begin with a ghost. Dim the bulbs in your small rented cabin until the moonlight beams bluish shadows down over everything. Sit on the arm of the foldout sofa where your five-year-old son sleeps — weekend visitations only, as your ex-wife stipulated, and once in a while on Wednesdays when she has date-night with her new beau, a lounge singer named Tony. Then, lean close and whisper that his mother’s house, the one he lives in now, is haunted, terribly so."


NickOstdick said...

Hey, man, thanks much for the bump. You rock it!

TBWCYL, Inc. said...

No sir, you rock it, as only the Ostdick can.