Saturday, February 3, 2007

Wow. No really, wow.

So, in a blatant act of self-promotion, I took my most recent post "Can you feel it? Lucky Man arrives in one month." - see below - and cross-posted it on my Punk Planet blog. Was that cheesy? Sure. Am I yuppie scum? Yes. Have I gone corporate? Interesting question. Still, all that said, should I have expected the following comment which was posted by r. john in response to that post:

this would have been a better thread
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Submitted by r.john on Thu, 02/01/2007 - 12:55pm.


A.) it were not spammmmm


B.) it really was "Can you feel that? Lucky Man Arrives in your MOUTH."

mainly because sexual relations of the oral variety are kewl!

I mean, wow. No really, wow. Was that necessary? Appropriate? Is this a feud? Will it help sales? What do people think of r. john's response? And what do you think of the following reply - I actually believe there is something cooler then "sexual relations of the oral variety?" What is it you ask? Spelling the word cool "kewl." All thoughts on this are appreciated. Thanks.

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K. said...

I think a major people act like assholes online when they would be too timid to speak up otherwise. I tend to put people like that on ignore, people always seem to have a snarky comment for someone else online when they can't back up their own shit.