Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Lucky Man World Domination - Take Two

Its coming. Like a fungus. A good fungus of course. But still unstoppable and overwhelming. Should you hide the kids? Or call Homeland Security. Tough to say, maybe you could ignore the fear and just feel the love, embracing Lucky Man and following its path to joy and enlightenment? Is the path tough to find though you ask? Will their be hardships? Sure, but would loving anything be worth it without some struggle and challenge? No, not at all. Still, you will be happy to know that the path is growing increasingly easier to follow, and that there are two new signposts to guide you along the way - first, my great friends at The Truth Magazine are offering a much appreciated shout out to Lucky Man - - including an excerpt, so thank you for that, and second, comix legend, Steve Lafler, my esteemed publisher at Manx Media has posted further Lucky Man love on his blog "Self Employment for Bohemians" - - and we thank him for that as well. So, don't be scared, don't run, check it out, and join us, we have room for everyone.

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