Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"A keen work of literary art worthy of your attention." The New York Stories. The CCM/Entropy. The Joseph G. Peterson. And many appreciations.

Most definitely appreciations for the CCM/Entropy and the Peterson. And yes, many at that. Excerpt? Of course. Always.

"The Tanzer style evolves from the pithy speech and the dialogic to-and-fro of David Mamet’s early plays. If the 1986 movie classic, About Last Night, enacts a cinematic variation on Mamet’s theatrical production, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, then Tanzer’s opus enacts prose variations on About Last Night.

In other words, in so far as About Last Night softens and laughs up the hard edge of Mamet so too does Tanzer take his cue and fill in comic color around the dark and mean parameters of Mamet’s vision. Both writers, Tanzer and early Mamet, are distinctly urban, Gold Coast Chicago, male-centric and minimalistic. But in my view Tanzer’s take is more generous and open than Mamet’s. While Mamet is ultimately a tragic dramatist, Tanzer’s worldview is ultimately comic and, should I say, more loving and, yes, there is tragedy and hurt here as well."

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