Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This Book Will Change Your Life - This Must Be The Place by the Sean H Doyle.

We are pool and bed and elevator and stairs and laundry room and read and on the train on the bus in the kitchen doing dishes sweeping the floor and read and we are walking the children to school and making sure they are showered and read and in the office and on the phone and blogging and Tweeting and making sandwiches and depositing checks and read and watching The Americans and taking a shower and brushing our teeth and read and at one time we sat next to our dying father and we were writing his obituary and we heard his last calm breath after so many not calm ones and we were flying home to visit our mother after she was diagnosed with cancer and assaulted on 125th on beautiful spring day and smoking something laced with something and watching people eat peanut butter off of the rug and having a panic attack on the train platform as we rushed to pick-up our son at school and driving in a snowstorm and cars were swerving off of the road in front of us and disappearing into the night blacking out one last time on our bathroom floor and my son being slid into the MRI machine because his spine might not be descending and Sean H Doyle knows all of this because he is our Williams S. Burroughs and This Must Be The Place is his Junky and our Junky because he is our freaker shaman oracle and he knows and he's been there and our fathers are dead but there is write and read and memory and love and breathe.

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