Friday, June 12, 2015

The New York Stories is awesome blurb from the endlessly awesome Tim Horvath.

"Long before the floodwaters start to build in Ben Tanzer's New York Stories, we sense their looming presence--the characters themselves drift and swirl about this dying town, trapped in the eddies of past indiscretion, borne along by longings and regrets, snagged upon their betrayals and petty resentments. Yet while one might be tempted to write them off as premature ghosts, here they live on, and like Carver's, these characters call to us from across the barstool, the pool table, the couch, the car seat. And by the end, Tanzer has made a convincing case that a deluge of stories might be the very thing to save us." --Tim Horvath, author of Understories and Circulation

And more to come. Not to mention more information at CCLaP for those who want it.

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