Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On the great Matthew Modine, The Better Man Project, fathers, love, Buddha and the possibility that we may, or may not, have contributed to this piece at Men's Health.

For real. Yes. Maybe? Excerpt? Indeed.

"Life is an evolution, and you don't walk into it with all the answers. Evolution never ends. You’re never fully cooked. You don’t evolve to a certain moment, and then that’s it, you’ve learned everything you need to learn. Life should be a continual learning, and evolving experience.

There’s always going to be another challenge. Another obstacle to overcome. Another bathroom full of poop that you don’t want to clean, and you can’t believe you’re here, with a mop in your hand.

That’s a metaphor, obviously, but it’s an apt one. Life can be messy, and it can feel unfair, and it sometimes seems like you’re getting the raw end of the deal. But like my father taught me, sometimes the best thing to do is take a deep breath, let go of your anger, and tackle the problem."

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