Sunday, May 24, 2015

The New York Stories is awesome blurb from the endlessly awesome Michael Czyzniejewski.

"Ben Tanzer's New York is not the New York of Ellis Island or of Times Square. It's not the New York of Warhol or Scorsese or Giuliani. It's not the New York you know or have ever known. It's the New York you should know, the Tanzeriian New York of twisted invention, hilarious compassion, and intricate irony. Ben Tanzer has impossibly written yet another version of the great city, one that's a welcome addition to the proud canon of this salty berg." --Michael Czyzniejewski, author of I Will Love You For the Rest of My Life: Breakup Stories

And more to come. Not to mention more information at CCLaP for those who want it.

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