Friday, April 3, 2015

"My (Not Quite) Cancer Years (1999-2004)" is Entropy. And most awesome that is, yo.

No really, most awesome, and most appreciated. Excerpt? Word.

Herman Munster Tells Me He is Going to Put a Camera in My Penis.

Dr. W. sends me to see Dr. F. Dr. F. is an Urologist. He has a square jaw and a head like Herman Munster. His neck is always red and irritated. He doesn’t say much. So, what do you think? I ask. I think it’s probably a kidney stone, he says. Really? Yes, he says, or a tumor. A tumor? Yes, but that’s doubtful at your age. So, what do we do, I ask. A Cystoscopy, he says. What’s that? We’re going to look inside your bladder and see what’s there. And how do you do that? I ask. There’s a tube and a camera and we go through your penis. Yeah, so, I’ll be asleep for that, right? No. No? No, you’ll be awake and we’ll do it right here in the office, he says.

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