Sunday, March 15, 2015

This Book - The Dark Will End The Dark - and This Podcast - Episode One Hundred and Three - Like Real Life If It Was Just Slightly Fucked - written by and starring the Darrin Doyle respectively - Will Change Your Life.

Like real life if it was just slightly fucked. We told the Darrin Doyle that we would say this, somewhere, and somehow when describing his work, and more specifically his new joint The Dark Will End The Dark. And so we have. Because that's the thing with Darrin Doyle. He's a college professor in a nice suit, with a neatly trimmed beard. He's lovely to speak with. A husband and dad of two boys. All things not especially gothic, or seemingly all that fucked at all. And yet his characters are swallowed whole, commit mass suicides, and always in a sort of harried motion. But still stuck, and wrapped in darkness and loss, of relationships, body parts, children, and possibly their sanity.

All of which can almost feel normal too. Because there are no ghosts, not really, or demons. Instead we have the horror of normalcy, things falling a part as things do, and stories that owe more to Stephen King, Shirley Jackson and Samuel Beckett, than say Alice Munro or Raymond Carver. All of which is to say, that we think you should consider reading the Doyle, and listening to our podcast with him, now, both, and experiencing all the fucked normalcy contained therein for yourself. Because it just might change your life, if even for only a moment at that.

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