Friday, September 12, 2014

"This non-fiction collection of essays surprises me, in all the best ways possible." Lost in Space. Goodreads. Love. Endless. And most appreciative.

So appreciative. And a big thank you to the quite lovely, and yes, quite handsome, Robert Vaughan for that. Excerpt? Word.

"But here is what drew me in: Tanzer does not shy away from content- the constant anxiety of how to explain oneself to offspring, his effortless and self-deprecating humor, how/ when to communicate about a homeless woman at The Jewel grocery, or the alcoholic that lives in the same building, or anything about sex, sports, or books and movies. An endless list. The deeper topics of family, or marriage with raising kids in a backdrop of 9/11 or Newtown, or any other tragedy makes this salient, smart and touching without being saccharine."

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