Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Leah Tallon is How to Rebuild a House at The Manifest-Station.

She is also grief and healing, and love, and you should hit it now, it just might change your life. Now, how about some excerpt? Word.

"Something, something, something about how this world is so big and we only think about that largeness in relation to people in other towns, cities, states or countries. Geographic space becoming the point. There are always life-altering events happening to someone else, somewhere else. We never leave our own house and then, 3 hours later, wonder what’s occurring inside its empty walls, as if it’s tucked away into some gigantic gap in time and space and simply doesn’t exist when we aren’t around to fill it. We are only going to the grocery store. Nothing to see here. Destruction does not need a witness."

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