Thursday, July 17, 2014

"This story of love and family survival is a must read." Lost in Space. MONOLOGGING. Moved. Totally.

Quite moved we are. Embarrassed as we may be about that. We are also very appreciative. Endlessly in fact. And that we aren't embarrassed about at all. Excerpt? Word.

"Lost in Space provides many detailed and entertaining anecdotes about raising children, but the book’s best qualities are revealed throughout Tanzer’s introspective monologues illuminating the cognitive processes underlining fatherhood. The author is painfully conscious that when it comes to his children, he is powerless to control the outcomes of their futures or the future of the scary world in which they live. This story of love and family survival is a must read recipe for coping with unpredictable trials, and a reminder to enjoy life’s gifts. The book will inspire many parents and expecting couples, especially those with boys. It’s a heartfelt laugh to pass and share with friends."

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