Saturday, June 28, 2014

These (chap) Books Will Change Your Life - WE WERE GIANTS by Christopher Bowen and THEN by David Greenspan.

We are flight and read and we are struck by the power of the chapbook to provide a jolt of energy to break-up the moments between the moments. The reading of novels and essays, or the waiting for drinks and pretzels. Like a good single, Beyonce or The Cars say, we know, but we love them, or a short film, thinking Jim Jarmusch and the vignettes from Coffee and Cigarettes before they were tethered together, they are bridge and blur, and may or may not be able stand as something longer, but don't need to anyway, they have a purpose, and we are revel. 
We are also WE WERE GIANTS by Christopher Bowen and THEN by David Greenspan, and we are lifted by their wandering need and their search for something. THEN, a series of ruminations on relationship and the mysteries of some ethereal every girl who is just right there beyond reach even as Greenspan writes, "I sleep with the girls on clouds...." All mystery and confusion, riffs and hope. And WE WERE GIANTS, a compendium of desire, for family and peace, and searching always searching, for as Bowen writes, "The treasure is to be found someday..." It is always someday and clouds in these collections, and always search. Which of course is the perfect accompaniment to any flight, floating as we are, lost in the clouds, and searching for things that make sense ourselves, but remain just beyond our grasp. At least there is read though, and with that the ability to change lives, if only momentarily, ours, yours, and anyone seeking, and searching, for meaning. 

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