Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"He put my tender heart in a blender and I loved it." Wherein we are Writer/Book Crush and You Can Make Him Like You, and most humbly love the Leesa Cross-Smith all the more for it.

We can say nothing, and we are nothing, but humbly appreciative, and in love for all the Leesa Cross-Smith has to to say about You Can Make Him Like You, how we write, all of it, and everything. Excerpt? Word.

"But srsly in “You Can Make Him Like You” the song…Craig Finn sings:if you get tired of yr boyfriend’s things, there’s always other boys, there’s always other boyfriends and that prettymuch sums up my high school heart. I LOVE THAT. Ben Tanzer is in his 40s and in this book I felt like I was getting his heart. His high school heart, his mid-thirties heart, his writer heart, his family heart, his husband heart, his father heart, his friend heart…all of those things. He put my tender heart in a blender and I loved it. You guys, he made me like him. That’s beautiful, that’s dope, that’s magical. And so, I crush, I do. I crush a lot. I crush hard."

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