Monday, May 12, 2014

We are HuffPost Lost in Space interview. Yes, that HuffPost.

And big thanks to the Loren Kleinman for making it so. Excerpt? Word.

LK: I love how you give a Dad's emotionally telling and honest perspective and translation of fatherhood in Lost in Space. Do you feel that more dads should talk about fatherhood more openly? Maybe we should embrace or encourage Daddy Bloggers?
BT: I appreciate the kind words, and I am always careful about telling anyone, much less writers and dads what to do. However, as a culture I think we need to better embrace fathers' roles in the lives of their child. Which isn't to express great sadness for the role of men in culture, I'd say we're doing fine in general. But it is to say that when it comes to children we need to better focus on integrating men into the institutions that serve children, just as we need men to play an active role in the lives of children, all children. It is also to say, that we benefit as a society, when we give fathers permission to discuss their experiences, be they good, bad, ugly, or sad.
We don't necessarily expect men to feel anything, much less talk about it, but what if we did? Imagine all of the possibilities around healthier dialogue and healthier people, not to mention the potential for less violence and who knows what, if they, we, did, talk more about what they felt?

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