Friday, May 16, 2014

"Unfiltered, honest, raw." Lost in Space. Fanboy Comics. Delightful.

Quite delightful. And endlessly appreciated. Excerpt? Word.

"Such amazing stories he shares. Tanzer writes so fluidly from one thought to the next, although non-linearly, still making everything feel organic - complete stream of conscious. Every emotion, every thought he expressed comes across genuinely, as if he is speaking to you from across the table or sitting in the living room, not artifice at all. Tanzer bares his soul in Lost in Space, having the courage as a writer to not only share the good in how he feels on parenthood, but his fears, the downsides of noticing other women while he is married, all the while knowing people aren’t always ready or capable of handling honesty, but he writes it all the same. He writes it for himself and for his sons. I appreciate that, because as I mentioned before, women - people for that matter - don’t often get to hear this perspective. So, an unfiltered, honest, raw version with comments about hot girls and questioning manhood right next to a chapter of movies to watch with your son separated by categories such as "Movies That Make Me So Nostalgic for High School That I Want to Force Myself to Sit through Them Even Though We Didn’t Go to High School Together" is much needed by the masses in my book."

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