Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This Book Will Change Your Life - Nagging Wives, Foolish Husbands by the Nathaniel Tower.

More travel, more read, and Nagging Wives, Foolish Husbands by the Nathaniel Tower. Now speaking of the Nagging Wives, is it true that we are biased towards dad writers? We are. Or small press releases? Totally. What about collections that include stories we ran at This Zine Will Change Your Life as we did with the piece The Arrival. Most definitely, yes. What about stories that explore relationships, possibly of the marital type? Quite possibly very yes. And yet, with so much bias afoot, are we also biased towards story that veers towards the bizarro or surreal, embracing squids that live under the bed of our children, spurned plant life lovers turned murderous, serially killing wives, missing testicles, and men falling in love with Victoria Secret mannequins? Not so much no, and not normally at all. But that's the thing with the Nagging Wives, Tower does so much we don't normally seek out, but is fucking spot-on with the dynamics that play out in relationships when the work to stay together overwhelms the desires that brought you together in the first place. How do we stay attracted to one another? How do we create space when there are children in the mix? And what happens when our outside interests become at least somewhat more appealing than our inside ones? Further, how do we manage to separate our fantasy life from our real life when our real life becomes too much to bear? Which for the record, it wasn't until we read the Nagging Wives, that it hit us just how much the realm of bizarro fiction borrows so much from the fantasies and delusions that allow us to get through the day, tough times, confusion, and how fractured shit can become. And so knowing that, which may not be such a profound discovery, but it was to us, are we now biased towards bizarro fiction as well? Maybe, possibly, though regardless, the Nagging Wives, not to mention the Foolish Husbands, changed our lives, just as it will yours.

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