Sunday, May 18, 2014

This Book Will Change Your Life - Let's Be Awkward Together by the Elaine Short.

Fucking young adulthood man, released from the cocoon of family, mostly, and college, probably, and tumbling from date to date all single and finding your way in work and love and life, farting on your bed mates, trying to find the right words, and searching for your own place and voice and rhythm, making sense of it, any of it, and explicating the humor in all of it too, because it is funny, when you can look at yourself and realize how fucked-up and blessed you are all at once to be young and alive, and yet not knowing that when it's gone you will feel old, no matter how old you are, and you will look back on all that awkward shit in awe, of yourself, and your survival, because it is weirdness and awesomeness, and then it's over, mostly, probably. The thing is for most of us, this is memory, some photos, old letters, and friends, but for "funny girl" Elaine Short and her new comic anthology Let's Be Awkward Together, it is here and now, because she is committing it to paper, and not just her stories, but yours, thanks to your Kickstarter contributions, and it is so wonderful and moving, and yes, we feel so old having subsumed it, and sad that all that confusion is lost, but grateful too, that we made it through, lives having changed, mostly and now we can observe someone else's struggles, nodding our heads, and smiling to ourselves, mission accomplished, yo, we are now almost, sort of adults. 

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