Friday, May 23, 2014

This Book Will Change Your Life - Gideon's Confession by the Joseph G. Peterson.

Travel. Read. Read. Travel. And on and on and Gideon's Confession by the Joseph G. Peterson. Peterson is one of Chicago's most lyrical voices and if his bete noire is the drunken, raconteur, street intellectual, lingering, if not languishing, in seedy bars, unable to form relationships that might improve this station, and who should be, could be better, if not for their stuckness, and inability to become unstuck, than few understand this archetype as well as the Peterson does. What Peterson also knows however, is that this stuckness is a product of fear and damage, lost opportunities, fucked-up families who offer too much or too little, but never balance or stability, and the ongoing belief that being fucked-up is easier than not being so, because to not be so is to be aware of just how unaware you are. And it is this latter quality that reflects Peterson at his most insightful. His characters are wander, and they know they are wander, and do everything in their power not to be better, because they have no idea what better could be. Peterson is also about love though, always, and as such, there is always a chance for love, to get lost in its beauty and magic, and in the case of Gideon, there is also the chance that love may free him, and elevate him beyond the stuck, and whatever might yet be possible for him. And in this way Gideon's Confession is Peterson's most hopeful book. It is about lives changed, and changing. It is about the possibility of transformation. And it is sure to change your life, as it has Gideon's and ours.

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