Friday, May 30, 2014

5Q4Q we are. Not to mention Ben Vereen, NAS, and River Phoenix.

And big thanks to the Quiddity and Jim Warner for that. Excerpt? Word.

According to our friends at the DSM V: The onset of insomnia includes a complaint of dissatisfaction with sleep quantity or quality, associated with one (or more) of the following symptoms:
  • Difficulty initiating sleep. (In children, this may manifest as difficulty initiating sleep without caregiver intervention.)
  • Difficulty maintaining sleep, characterized by frequent awakenings or problems returning to sleep after awakenings. (In children, this may manifest as difficulty returning to sleep without caregiver intervention.)
  • Early-morning awakening with inability to return to sleep.
With that in mind, who would comprise your father/son insomniac crime fighting duo for a network pilot on the CW?
It’s nearly impossible for me to think of sleep, fathers and sons, or any permutations related to the above without thinking about the movie Running on Empty, and the scene where the character played by River Phoenix comes home late one night to find his father played by Judd Hirsch sitting on the couch reading, just as my dad always was. It is a quiet, beautiful, and ultimately heartbreaking moment that signals both a beginning and an end to their relationship as they have known it, and it seems impossible to me that we could create a better father/son insomniac crime fighting duo than that. Well, outside of Ben Vereen and NAS mind you.

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