Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wherein Lost in Space is all excerpt and I Need at the Sundog Lit.

Quite excerpt. Lots of need. And very thankful to the Justin Daugherty and the whole Sundog Lit crew for making it so. Excerpt? Word.

"I do need to learn how to say, “Are you okay?” more often. I learned this in family therapy. Apparently, when a child of mine and I are in the midst of what is otherwise a minor misunderstanding about what constitutes picking up one’s toys, doing homework, taking a shower, brushing one’s teeth, turning off the television, clearing the table, moving the laundry, talking respectfully, and using “I” phrases, and said child inadvertently trips over a toy or pile of laundry, slips in the bathroom, bumps into a closet door, bangs their head on a doorknob, cuts their finger, toe, elbow, knee, or ear, gets a headache, stomachache, or spontaneously combusts, my tendency is not to respond with, “Are you okay?” but something less empathic, and possibly in a voice not deemed suf­ficiently low, which I am told is not cool, and something I really need to do, which I will, promise."

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