Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"The writing is funny and stylish." Lost in Space. That Lit Site. Yes.

Big thanks to That Lit Site and the Matthew Doughty for the kind words about Lost in Space, all humbling and greatly appreciated it is. Excerpt? Word.

"The 24 essays in the collection cover a broad range of topics, all told from Tanzer’s personal perspective. The topics range from talking about sex to movies that his children should watch, from escaping to Italy to the pain of dealing with a sick child. This range is a great strength of the collection, it keeps moving, shifting, changing, much as I imagine parenthood does. The reader never knows where or when we might be next, which children have been born, how old are they, and have their names been changed to protect the innocent? This gives the collection a tremendous sense of scale, but also keeps it intensely personal. There’s no need to read the whole collection at once, you can dip in, pick it up when you have a spare minute, perhaps when the kids are asleep or on the train."

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