Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lost in Space is being released today. Buy. Hype. Rejoice. Anything. Thanks.

We apologize for this mostly informal blog post as a means for letting you know about this exciting news. Not that this means we love you any less, and who knows, by the time you're done reading this we may even love you more. We do want to let you know though that our new essay collection Lost in Space is being released today. Which you may already know, which makes this repetitive, and we are now heading down some kind lit hype worm hole. You may not know, however, that Chicago Magazine said, "Tanzer lets readers in on the softer, scarier, truer side of being a family man." Though we suppose you do now. You can learn more about Lost in Space at the Curbside Splendor website and our hope is that you will consider getting a copy (many Barnes & Nobles are carrying it, really, we know, though please do hit Amazon and Indiebound as needed) for yourself, your neighbors, family, co-workers, and best friends, hyping it, or some combination there of. Either way though, thanks for taking a moment to read this and we hope you are doing well.

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