Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Ben Tanzer not only creates a world, he creates an attitude." Orphans. The Peter Tieryas Liu. Wonderbar.

Mass appreciations to the Peter Tieryas Liu for his thoughtful, and kick-ass, review of Orphans. He was even kind enough to provide illustrations, yo. Drinks on us brother, many, somewhere, soon, maybe even Chicago, yes? Yes. Excerpt? Cool.

"In a world controlled by a massive Corporation, there is no room for ethics. Only survival. Tanzer doesn’t moralize, but instead, paints guilt with dystopian brushes. Unfortunately, even family has its odd twists. The unspoken barriers, the scarcity of words in expressing exactly what we feel, the dumb decisions, the mistakes we see coming and are unable to prevent, all culminating in Terraxes, essentially clones to replace Norrin Radd once he’s off selling Martian bridges. He gets a substitute to stay with his family, a second Norrin who potentially sleeps with his wife while he’s away, representing everything he feels he neglects. In future earth, everything is replaceable; your identity, your flesh, even your love. Everything has to have a price tag, including memories."

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