Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New joint. Watching and Waiting. And fine company. At the 3Elements Review.

New joint indeed. And most thankful we are to the Mikaela Shae Fowler and crew for running with our newest New York piece in the quite excellent Winter 2014 issue of the 3Elements Review. Excerpt? Word.

"Things may be destroyed, the past drowned 
and forgotten, and time may fitfully march on as it always does, but nothing ever really quite changes. Thirsty’s still serves beer, the Susquehanna River still flows, and you are here by the window, watching, waiting, wondering how you got here at all.

Not leaving home, you get that, you never liked to leave home, but to be alone again, and unable to bear the isolation, that’s different, new. Before you had a taste of
companionship you didn’t even know you wanted it, but now that it’s gone, you need more of it to make this feeling stop.

It would help if one of the workmen would come to your door again. Though not just any of the workmen, because they’re not all indistinguishable, are they? No, there is one
that’s distinct. There is the crooked nose, and the hair on his knuckles, thick and alive. You saw it the one time he came to the door and asked to use the phone."

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