Friday, December 13, 2013

Wherein we are Lost In Space interview at the Curbside Splendor.

Very interview indeed. Excerpt? Word.

Do you hope your sons grow up to be artists as well?
First and foremost, I hope they move out, that would rock, and they should come back after they do, endlessly, for dinner, and for hugs, asking for cash, and wanting to travel with us, but just not be here all the time, which will one day suck I know. All that said, I would love for them to be artists, but what I would really love them to be is kind, to have purpose and be curious, be passionate about things, everything, and do what excites them. And if that involves them being an artist I love that, but if it's being Rhodes Scholars, Senators, Jewish Popes or Presidents, documentary filmmakers, or some combination of all of that, as well as, kind, happy, excited, passionate, and living elsewhere, even down the hall, yes, that would rock.

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