Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wherein we riff on Mad Men, duality, and Los Angeles while trying not to think about the Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones which is impossible because it was so fucking traumatic.

That covers it we think. As needed you can read more here and thank you for that. We can also excerpt. Cool? Cool.

"Look at Megan in her red star T-shirt last week. Is that a shout-out to Sharon Tate’s murder or Abe’s stabbing, both, or neither? Is it mean to be explicit, or just a conscious recognition that America was slowly be subsumed by spasms of violence, halting changes in leadership, youth asserting themselves, and cultural shifts that those long in charge (white males) were no longer sure they could contain.
Which upon reflection sounds a lot like Game of Thrones.

And that wedding scene. Fuck.

Yet, I digress, sort of, back to Mad Men, and maybe even some joy?"

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