Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - As a Machine and Parts by the Caleb J. Ross.

We are so not sure how we missed the actual release of As a Machine and Parts by the Caleb J. Ross here, but we did. Like really missed it. We also read it and blurbed it and we are happy to report that it changed our lives. We believe it may just change your life as well. So please do hit that. Like now. Well done.

"There was once a Marvel comic book called "What if..." and in it Uatu the Watcher, a bald sage-like character with an enormous head spun speculative tales of alternative versions of the Marvel Universe you thought you knew. With As a Machine & Parts Caleb J. Ross continues to stake his claim as his generation's Watcher, which should not be construed as a commentary on his beautiful, yet clearly fake head of hair, but instead as an observation about the scope of his imagination and his ongoing vision of what the world can be, might be and just maybe will be if Ross has anything to say about it."

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Caleb J. Ross said...

Thank you, kind sir.