Sunday, June 23, 2013

These Books Will Change Your Life - Whiskey Pike and Turban Tan by the Jeff Phillips.

There are these people you meet and they seem to have so much going on. Outwardly certainly. With their various projects and pursuits. But internally as well. Maybe it's the questions they ask, or how they seem to be absorbing everything around them. Or maybe it's more simple, you see them read or perform and they appear to be teasing through so many ideas. So they become intriguing and you may want to know more, and possibly even consume them in some fashion. Or maybe that's just us? Maybe, probably, still all of this brings us to Whiskey Pike and Turban Tan by the Jeff Phillips. Because Phillips is one of those people for us. He's a comic, he makes videos, he seems to be involved in theater, so many things, all of which possess a literary bent. 
Which brings us to the fact that he is also an author and there are these books. Which are not outright stabs at humor, as we expected. Or especially theaterish, which we thought might be a possibility. And no we don't know exactly what that means. What we found is more akin to fables. Whiskey Pike is almost old-timey, a bedtime story about the history of one family, their moment in the sunshine as distillers of fine whiskey and their ultimate implosion. It reminded us of a song. Then there is the Turban Tan. Also a fable of a kind, but one with espionage and new world orders. It is both forward looking, and timely, with all the stories about the NSA and spying appearing everyday. And so we ask ourselves, how does all this hang together? We see these books as a means for Phillips to bring order to the world, but also as a means for organizing a mind full of ideas. Now might this just be a projection? Or some need of our own to organize the world ourselves? Yes, sure, maybe. Which means there is more intrigue, but also soon, a podcast, hopefully, definitely, with questions. Until then there are these stories. Which you can read, and should, because they just might change your life.  

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