Sunday, June 9, 2013

New joint. They Say Jump, You Say How High? At The Weeklings.

Quite thrilled to Weeklings we are, so big thanks to Greg Olear, Joe Daly, and the whole Weeklings crew. And now maybe some excerpt, yes? Word.

"What the time-out does not necessarily allow for, however, is dealing with the anger that refuses to dissipate on those days where the frenzy is too much and my vision starts to blur. Where I feel something cruel has transpired and I react to the repetition of such behaviors, or the abuse of power they can entail, both of which are clearly triggers of mine, and must be managed as well.

Which I can’t always do, and when I can’t, I give myself a time-out too.

I step away, door closed, and I let those emotions bounce off of the walls as they are doing in my head. I also at times play music, because the emotions need a place to go, and they need to be channeled, and it’s possible that music does in fact soothe the savage beast, though I haven’t seen the data on that.

Data or not though, I want to share the songs that help me out during these times, even merely thinking about such times; what they represent to me; and how I get through the frenzy when it’s not clear anything will work."

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