Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - Wheatyard by Pete Anderson.

We are so biased and so very Wheatyard. We are also TNB riffage and fairly certain any and all Wheatyard activity has changed our life. We think it will change your life as well. So do go get it now and then let us know how that turns out. Cool? Cool. Now how about some excerpt and blurb? Cool. Hit it.

"Anyway, I was invited to blurb Wheatyard and I had the following to say:

'For the people who tell us books are dying, I would suggest they grab a cold beer, find a porch, and read Wheatyard, so they can remind themselves how much words can still dance on the printed page, and how much feeling, suppressed and otherwise, can be found in this debut novel’s vibrant passages.'

I share this because the thing I want to say about Wheatyard more than anything else is that it is a novel that believes in the power and urgency of words. But this belief is not merely limited to the words splashed across the pages themselves. The characters in Wheatyard believe in words and the printed page as well."

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Merci. And mercy.